About Us

Company Overview

D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of Massachusetts

At the time in the early 1900’s, all there was to the produce industry was — a local summer season. There weren’t any fresh fruits or vegetables eight months out of the year, something these brothers would change in the near future. The two brothers liked this new business, where they could work together and perhaps make their careers, and so the Boston Fruit & Grape Co., was founded in 1920 and just three years later the brothers incorporated their partnership and named it D’Arrigo Bros. Co. in 1923. Today, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of Massachusetts is thriving under the guidance of third-generation D’Arrigos: Peter, Jr., Stephen, and David. The forth-generation is in the wings with David’s son Sam joining the company in June 2014.

Mission Statement

With well over 300 suppliers working with us, some for decades and generations, D’Arrigo Brothers offer the finest selection the industry has to offer, item by item, year around. Our Commitment at D’Arrigo is to provide our customers with the freshest and safest produce offering from around the world with the best service possible.